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Concert of Ultimo

26 june 2022

Concert of Ultimo




14 years



Ultimo, pseudonym of Niccolò Moriconi, is an Italian singer-songwriter. He was the winner of the Sanremo Festival 2018 in the "New Proposals" category with the song Il ballo delle uncertainzze, and came second in Sanremo 2019 with the song I your particulars.

Born in Rome on January 27, 1996, in 2010 he began attending the Melody Music School, where he studied singing and piano. At the beginning of his career, Ultimo often defined himself as a “cantautorap”, to describe his music halfway between rap (and hip hop in general) and Italian songwriting. This is quite evident in the first album Planets, but also in the later Peter Pan, where pop and hip hop are mixed. The same dance of uncertainties, with which Ultimo makes himself known to the general public thanks to the Sanremo Festival, is conceived by the singer-songwriter as "three songs in one: piano and songwriter voice, pop sung and rap verse". However, already with the publication of the third album, Colpa delle favole, the rap imprint survives only more in a single song, Aperitif rough, in which, however, it is mixed with reggae.


26 june 2022


55,00 euro


GT bus trip.

Entrance ticket - Single Seat - Unnumbered Guest Sector


Anything that is not indicated in the PRICE INCLUDES section


Diego Armando Maradona Stadium - Naples

The Diego Armando Maradona stadium is an Italian multipurpose sports facility in Naples. It is located in Fuorigrotta, a district of the X Municipality. Equipped with multipurpose gyms, spaces for martial arts and a basketball court, it has hosted the internal football matches of Napoli since the inauguration.

Originally called the Stadio del Sole, it was renamed the San Paolo stadium in 1963. On 4 December 2020 the Municipality of Naples named the stadium after the former Napoli captain, Diego Armando Maradona, who died the previous 25 November.

Built in the fifties of the twentieth century in brutalist style to a project by the architect Carlo Cocchia, it was, at the time of its construction, one of the most popular stadiums on the international scene, as well as the largest in Italy with its 85 012 seats . Following the restructuring for Italia '90, the capacity increased to 72810 seats. The unavailability of the third ring starting from the 2005-06 season resulted in a reduction to 60,240 spectators. In 2018-19, in anticipation of the aforementioned Universiade, the facility underwent a profound restyling, which further reduced its capacity, reaching 54726 spectators.

Included among the venues of the 1960 Olympic soccer tournament, two European soccer tournaments (in 1968 and 1980) and the 1990 soccer world cup, it also hosted the 1963 Mediterranean Games and the 2019 Universiade.

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