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Why Choose Us?


We are a team of industry experts able to assist you with competence and professionalism in all stages of the journey:

Before departure

We carefully select all services based on quality and safety standards to guarantee you a holiday that matches your choice. We provide you with all the information about your trip, from package details, to health information, to safety conditions, to travel advice, also providing necessary and optional insurance coverage.

During the trip

We assist you 24 hours a day through telephone support or in some cases even with local assistants. We provide insurance coverage for medical assistance and loss or damage to luggage. We take care of any unforeseen events or changes to tourist services in real time.

After the trip

Upon returning from the trip we will be careful to examine your feedback in detail, further improving the services offered. We will take care of handling any complaints arising from the use of the services and why not, we will be by your side to assist you even in the event of disputes against service providers.

Safety and Convenience

We will always be able to offer you the best rate currently available without neglecting the quality of the services offered. You will block the price without surprises with a deposit of 25% at the time of booking and you will pay the rest only 15 days before departure.


We will handle your requests and unexpected events in a careful and flexible way, always simplifying your life. There will always be a solution to your problems.

Turnkey Travel and Holidays

You won't have to worry about anything at all. Your trip will be organized and taken care of in the smallest details as requested, you will only have to worry about its use.





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